Can I select a particular seat when I book my flight ?

A. At the time of booking you may specify your seat preference in the "Special requests or comment" field, or call Customer Service on +91 1234567890/+852 8199 0939.

Please be aware that certain carriers charge an extra fee for seat selection.

Note: Seat assignments are not guaranteed. Airlines Ticket VIPforwards your seat request to be processed by the airlines and the final seats assigned by the airline may be different from the original request. Airlines may alter your assigned seat for various reasons, especially if there has been a change in schedule or equipment on your flight.

Reasons or scenarios why seats may not be assigned: 

  • For airlines that generally do pre-assign seats, after 70% of the seats have been assigned, the remaining seats are restricted to airport check-in on the day of the flight.
  • Some airlines will not assign seats until 90 days before the flight or except on the day of the flight. 
  • In some cases, if departure is within 24 hours, seats cannot be assigned other than at the time of check-in as the seat manifest is under airport control.
  • Commuter flights, flights under 1 hour or shuttle flights may not allow for pre-assigned seats.

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